Be Careful What You Chase

Almost 15 years ago now, I published a book of “essays” written from the point of a view of my Siamese cat, Simon. An occasionally arrogant fellow, as those who know Siamese cats will understand, Simon fancied himself a philosopher, and I have to admit that he taught me quite a few things. I was looking through some old files when I ran across this essay. Made me think about the current presidential candidates and the people who seem to be mesmerized by the bright and shiny things about some of them.
I was lying on a patio chair late one afternoon.  It was starting to get dark – M had turned on the lights inside – and I was contemplating dinner when I saw something light up over in a corner of the yard.  It disappeared almost as quickly as it had come.
Jumping down from the chair, I crouched low, looking for it again.  I stayed down for a moment, pupils wide, but I didn’t see the light reappear. And then, just as I started for the back door, I saw it again.
Over the next few moments, the scene repeated itself, except that this apparition kept appearing in different parts of the yard.  I would creep in one direction, only to find that the light source had moved again. And then it happened right in front of my face.  In a lightning-fast move, I batted it out of the air and onto the ground.  I touched it with my paw, and squinted at it in the dusk, waiting for it to light up again. It didn’t.
About that time, M opened the door to the yard and stepped out.  I heard her say to someone inside, “Oh, look – there’s a firefly,” and I glanced in the direction she was pointing.  There was another one of these things near the fence. I looked at M and back toward the fence.  Then I looked down at the object at my feet.  I sniffed it and jabbed at it a little.  It still didn’t light up.
Confused and disappointed with my catch, I turned and walked toward M and the door, leaving it where it lay.
Be careful what you chase. Sometimes it turns out to be nothing but a bug.
P.S. from Vally: And remember, some bugs bite. And what happens next isn’t pretty. Take care to look very closely at the person you vote for.
If you’re interested, the original book is available as an ebook. Click here to buy.

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