My Friend’s Fiance is Cheating and I’m Not Going to Hold My Peace

Before we even get started, the title is a metaphor. I have no friends, to my knowledge, whose almost-spouses are cheating on them at present.
I have been there before, though—caught in the quandary of whether or not to tell my friend what I’ve observed. One cannot often predict whether it will be me or the fiance whose statements are given more credence, but generally speaking, in that scenario, when I’ve dared to suggest such a thing, it was my friendship that ended. Given that, more often than not, I have since opted not to point out what I know as long as there’s been no evidence of physical or emotional abuse, because in the end, I will not be the one who suffers, and staying out of the fray, I will be available if the whole thing explodes to offer support to my friend.
But this time it’s different–if THIS marriage is consummated, my behind and those I dearly love–even those family members who are utterly and inexplicably charmed–are on the line too. The explosion will be devastating not only to those friends who have fallen in love with a master manipulator whose regard for others is nonexistent, but to literally thousands, if not millions, of people. This “reality” show will be far more realistic than you imagine.
I’m talking, of course, about Donald Trump.
It’s not like the signs haven’t been there. I’ve got photographs, audio, video, of the subterfuge, going back years and years. There are many other witnesses to the behavior that screams that you’re marrying an adulterer. Now even some of your family members are noticing. But, as I’ve said before, let us dare to lay those pictures out in front of you, and you’ll dismiss them, accusing me of overreacting or making me out to be the devil instead. He’s got you and there’s nothing I can do for you, it seems. Now, suddenly, family members who thought him innocuous, have started to feel the slime and make some noise. Others are deciding to bend in submission to the inevitability. The date’s been set, the ring’s on the finger, and for some, there will be no turning back.
Except for that part of the marriage ceremony where the question is asked if “anyone here present know[s] of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace,” only the engagement party itself stands between us. I hope between then and now, you consider another suitor who isn’t as much of a domestic abuser.
But if you don’t, fair warning. From now until the wedding day, there will be no holding of my peace. Even if he waterboards me.


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