My Friend’s Fiance is Cheating and I’m Not Going to Hold My Peace

Before we even get started, the title is a metaphor. I have no friends, to my knowledge, whose almost-spouses are cheating on them at present. I have been there before, though—caught in the quandary of whether or not to tell my friend what I’ve observed. One cannot often predict whether it will be me or … More My Friend’s Fiance is Cheating and I’m Not Going to Hold My Peace


It was March 2002, six months after 9/11, and I was in Dublin, Ireland. My body clock had not yet reset itself, so I was still awake at 2:00 in the morning. Trying not to disturb my fellow travelers, I grabbed a notebook and headed downstairs to the all-night coffee shop in the lobby of … More Breathe

Miracles and Grace

I read an article this morning in The State, the newspaper in Columbia, S.C., describing the process of how the Confederate flag came finally to be removed from the Statehouse complex there in the South Carolina capital. Speaker of the S.C. House Jay Lucas, incidentally in the role because of the indictment and conviction of … More Miracles and Grace

One by One

I’ve chimed in here and there on Facebook during the past few days, sparring with others over the Confederate flag in general and in specifics in the state of South Carolina, but, introvert that I am, I had to wait before writing a blog to let the dust and noise settle so I could contemplate … More One by One

“True” Christians

One of the stories wafting around the internet in the past week or so is the allegation that a Dublin, Georgia teacher told some member or members of her classroom that a “true” Christian wouldn’t vote for Obama since on her authority (or some website’s she defended when a parent-teacher conference was called) Obama isn’t … More “True” Christians

Duke, Basketball, and Muslim Calls to Prayer

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in a small Southern town in southcentral Georgia where, as is true in many Southern towns, the Baptists and Methodists substantially outnumbered members of other Christian denominations, not to mention those of other faith traditions. Born into a Southern Baptist family myself, it would be a few years … More Duke, Basketball, and Muslim Calls to Prayer