I received an email this morning from a friend—one of those “send this to 12 people, including me” kind of emails. I shy away from those generally, unless they’re funny, and I almost never send them to the right number of people.

Ye old chain letter has always been just an annoyance to me. But I’ve begun to find myself more than annoyed of late, because of the religious tones of the emails that come around.

Today’s said, “This is a test. Do you put God first in your life? Then send this email to…”

It frankly pissed me off.

Whose test? Who started the email? What—by not forwarding a chain letter that somebody somewhere sent out, I will demonstrate that God isn’t first in my life? To whom exactly will I demonstrate this? But more importantly, should I care what you think?

Facebook users have started to irritate me too. If I don’t “repost” whatever it is, then I’m somehow unpatriotic, or ungodly, or against motherhood and apple pie.

Here’s a news blast.

God doesn’t send me chain letters and doesn’t need a fan page on Facebook. We are just fine on the communication plane, even when I’m not near a WiFi hotspot.

If you say a prayer for someone else and you want them to know, tell them. If you want to share a prayer of your own, share it. If you want someone else to pray for you, ask them.

But don’t presume to make it a test of my faith or my commitment.

My faith is in God, and God only—not in the accuracy of your judgment.

Nor should you have faith in mine. Of such is idolatry.

One thought on “THIS IS A TEST…

  1. I wholeheartedly agree–I delete it all because I feel the same way. Sadly, I even feel somewhat (okay, a whole lot)holier than they when I do it.

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